Automated Crane Systems in Steel Manufacture

Interlocking/Safeguarding an automated crane system in the steel industry.

Automated crane systems create dangerous hazards to individuals operating in the vicinity; learn which risk reduction measures can be applied


    Below is a Mini Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) used for ‘Click & Collect’ in superstores, bringing automation even closer to the customer. With more processes becoming automated we need to predict delays, which could impact productivity, and how we can overcome these.     Breakdowns caused by a fallen box can… Continue reading Mini ASRS

Trapped Key ASRS

    This ASRS safety application is achieved entirely though trapped key, meaning there is no wiring required to the gates of each aisle of the system. A panel of several key switches are wired to the system but are kept in one place, though this method means that access can be relatively slow it… Continue reading Trapped Key ASRS