Guard Switch




Monitored Access


2NC, 1NO heavy duty safety switch.

Guard Lock with Single Action Escape Release



Entry Access


Ergonomic handle incorporates escape release in a single action.
Operating red handle overrides locking mechanism and opens guard.

Guard Lock



Controlling Access


Heavy Duty Power-to-Unlock solenoid safety interlock.

Guard Lock with Forced Extracted Key



Restart Prevention


Personnel key is required to be taken by the operator before guard opens.

Guard Lock with Escape Release




Escape Release


Heavy Duty safety interlock with escape release. 
Activation overrides locking mechanism and creates stop command.

Guard Lock with Integrated Ethernet Communication



CIP Safety or PROFIsafe


PROFINET / PROFIsafe connectivity to the interlock.
Pushbuttons & emergency stop incorporated at the guard.
EtherNet/IP CIP safety also sopported.

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