Each tGard stack has between one and ten slots for different elements which create an interlock that is configured for your specific application. Each slot can have a mix of different things, this page gives technical details about Personnel & Access Key.

If you are not familiar with tGard we recommend you first read about the range in general on the tGard product page or look at our how to buy tGard page to understand the process of configuring the perfect stack.



Safety Lock – TSN, TGN

  • Prevent closure of door and start up until key returned.

Access Lock – TAB, TQB

  • Only allow access with correct key


Safety & Access Lock Element

  • Robust radial disc tumbler lock.
  • > 5000 combinations
  • 10 mastered combinations (can be used with all 5000 individual combinations).
  • No key included
  • Max. No. of mechanical locks = 10



  • Safety Lock must be directly under head/cap (or under internal release element if one is fitted)
  • Access keys must be directly under safety locks (or under head or internal release if no safety locks)




  • Standard TKS and Master TKM keys available.
  • Torque rating 10Nm
  • High corrosive resistance
  • Over 5,000 non-masterable combinations available
  • TKS Keys are coded with 8 digits and can open SN, GN, AB, QB locks coded the same
  • TKM Keys are coded with 8 letter and can open GN + QB locks coded with the master series
  • 10 masterable combinations available

It is the user’s responsibility to implement proper management control and risk assessment for master and spare keys, without which they can be used to defeat trapped key interlock system.


tGard Access & Safety Lock Technical Specifications


Housing Materials Painted die cast aluminium
Colour Dark Grey
Ingress Protection IP65*
Operating Force < 1Nm
Mechanical Life 1,000,000 Operations
Maximum Frequency of Ops 1 per second
Ambient Temperature -25°C to 40°C (-13°F to 104°F)
Environment Indoor use only

*IP protection is to the tGard stack that this module attaches to, when correctly fitted according to installation and maintenance instructions.

Safety Data





TÜV SÜD for Europe, Canada & USA


Cat. 3, PLd (EN/ISO 13849-1)

Functional Safety Data

B10d (for whole tGard device, which will contain multiple elements)/5,000,000

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