High-Level-Coded with Operator Controls

High-Level-Coded with Operator Controls   “Are you looking for integrated RFID monitoring on your operator controls, monitoring switch or guard locking device?”       The team at Fortress have developed tGard High-Level-Coded (HLC), an RFID solution which integrated into the medium duty range of operator controls and guard locking, to create:   tGard HLC… Continue reading High-Level-Coded with Operator Controls

Power over EtherNet

“How can I make cabling savings on an EtherNet/IP or PROFINET connected solution?”       Power over EtherNet (PoE) combines data and power on one single connector, reducing cabling, set up complexity, and associated hardware costs. Power to the device is passed alongside data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling.       Why choose… Continue reading Power over EtherNet