Fortress & The University of Nottingham Case Study

Recently we worked with The University of Nottingham’s Omnifactory to supply an amGardpro safety solution consisting of a Power over Ethernet guard lock and control pods. Fortress Technical Sales Representative, Tarun Dalal, worked with the Omnifactory’s senior engineers to map out the specification on this interesting project.


By working on this project it gives us an insight to the future of factory floors where the use of guarding will become less essential due to the increase use of robots; which will reduce the chance of human interaction/danger in applications. It’s important Fortress stay up to date with new advances, ensuring we are able to advance alongside of this ever evolving market. Find out more about the purpose and the workings of the Omnifactory below.


Fortress were invited to the opening event of The Omnifactory. The opening morning consisted of a tour of the facility based on the Jubilee campus. In the afternoon we caught up with Tarun and a senior engineer, Joe Griffin, to talk through the application, unique selling points of our Power over Ethernet products and more…

The Omnifactory



The Omnifactory is a concept factory where different digital technologies are implemented to improve traditional manufacturing practices.



‘Omnifactory is a national demonstrator and testbed for smart manufacturing systems. Here we develop and test the latest digital technologies, enabling our industrial partners to transform their manufacturing practices for the future.’


The Omnifactory is redefining manufacturing and by working together it helps us understand our place in this ever evolving industry.


Q & A with Fortress Technical Sales Engineer & Omnifactory Senior Project Engineer

Check out this Q & A between Fortress and Omnifactory employee talking through ‘What is the Omnifactory?’, ‘What do the Fortress interlocks & controls do in the Omnifactory?’, ‘What was it like working with Fortress on this specification?’, ‘What are the Control Option Pods used for?’ and ‘How did you find the process of installing the Fortress interlocks?’.

Key Benefits of the Fortress Units

Here Tarun goes through the key benefits of our Power over Ethernet solution and the other units in this application.

Fortress and Omnifactory Case Study

Watch the full case study here which goes into detail on how Fortress and Omnifactory worked together, enabling us to supply the safety solution.

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